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3D Store is an authorized distributor of REC filament in the United States.

3D Store is a dynamic, innovative and fast-growing company that specializes in supplying consumables for 3D printers. The company has been already operating in Europe and CIS countries with unique offline 3D Stores.

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We are passionate about helping customers improve their efficiency and business processes. We have the skills to assist you and give you a competitive advantage as you stay updated with the latest technologies.

3D Store is the exclusive distributor of REC filament in the US, one of the most trustworthy, safe and reliable filaments in the world. REC filament is a benchmark of quality and ubiquity. It is successfully utilized by industrial enterprises, fablabs, higher and secondary educational institutions, and manufacturers of 3D printers. 

Throughout the years, REC has been testing materials produced for 3D printing for safety and quality issues. As a result, they have developed a formula for REC filament production materials where 3D printing has become absolutely safe.

Certificates and Safety Information: REC filament

REC was established in 2013 and is committed to create a community of people fond of 3D printing by continuously supplying high quality materials and maintaining constant contact with consumers.

REC Filament is manufactured using state-of-art and certified equipment. High precision laser systems are used to control the thread diameter, which allows manufacturing materials within the minimal error of 0.03 mm. Only pre-treated raw materials are used in manufacturing. The components in the thread composition are thoroughly selected and tested for compatibility.