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The design and appearance of a product is the most important feature upon which the success and competitiveness of a product rests. People get attracted to a product because of its beautiful or “wow” design. Most of the time, the quality and other parameters are often sidelined in as much as a product “wows” the buyers with its design. Thus, it is very important for developers to prepare a competent design for any of their product.

Though it is important for the product to be visually attractive, it should also meet the following requirements:
- Simplicity of assembly (in the manufacturing process)
- Practicality
- Sturdiness and reliability

SIU System Specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in technical design development. Our services include:

- Market monitoring: We will identify the customer needs and the current design directions. Our results can be integrated into the design of future products. The manufacturer can also avoid others’ mistake through our assessment of other manufacturers’ mistakes.
- Conceptual sketching: provides ideas that meet customers’ requirement and best design practice. The sketch is not a full-design but a concept. Customer can choose and personalize any of the concepts.
- 3D-Modeling: Attention is paid to the dimensions, details and other nuances of the project. At this stage, the customers tend to see and familiarize themselves with the embodied idea.
- Prototype creation: Prototype is an early sample of a product which is usually released to test a concept. It also allows people to get acquainted with the design in real life to study its ergonomics. All adjustment happens on the prototype.
- Technical development: This stage involves the development of the design subject to the nature of the materials used, production limitations, technological features of the product and other factors. It is solved after project creation.
- Production process preparation and adjustment: Our company also provides production process preparation and adjustment services to ensure cost effectiveness. The service include the development of forms for both small and large scale production. Our facilities are available for you to launch your production to avoid large financial expenses at the initial stage of production.

SIU System is a team of experienced professionals who are ever ready to help you implement the most-daring and complex project, and design. All our services are provided at a customer-friendly rate.

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